AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Helping New Therapist

As an AAMFT approved supervisor I have the privilege of serving as a supervisor for licensure, in the state of Florida for both MFT interns and MHC interns. Throughout the process of becoming an AAMFT approved supervisor, I have uncovered a burning passion for helping new therapists discover their strengths and find their place in this helping profession.   

As a supervisor, I feel I can provide a focused learning and coaching environment that aims to inspire the next generation to gather a greater understanding of how they view the world, and how that in turn impacts their practice. 

In compliance with state requirements for licensure, I offer a blend of individual and group supervision. This format allows supervisees an opportunity to benefit from the developmental process of their peers while providing space to focus on their individual cases.  

Just as it is important for the therapeutic relationship to find a therapist that is a good fit, it is equally important as a supervisee to find a supervisor that can help you reach your full potential. This means finding someone you can feel comfortable with when sharing your doubts and insecurities as you grow as a professional. I want you to know that as a supervisor my goal is to nurture success not pass judgment over difficulties.

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Professional Supervision

Allow me to nurture your success in a comfortable and focused-learning environment.